This is a safe and gentle form of whole-body correction that works well alongside soft tissue therapy and rehab exercise plans. This combined approach enables us to tackle your discomfort with a multi-level approach which, in our experience, gains the best results.


Adjustments are gentle to receive which is great news when you’re in pain, and highly effective in reducing pain and increasing mobility. This approach has helped many patients return to a healthy lifestyle and meet their wellness goals.


Patients notice significant improvements from this approach, whether the pain has come on suddenly or been persistent over a period of time. Whilst chiropractic is best known for back pain, this is not the only thing we address – many of our patients come to us for help with neck or shoulder pain, hip aches, ankle or wrist issues, sporting injuries, pinched nerves and chronic posture issues and sometimes a general feeling of being out of balance or not being able to move as freely and easily as they would like.



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Short and long term care plans are available and we offer an option of home-based or supervised rehab to teach you a comprehensive self-management toolkit which enhances and progresses your recovery. Ongoing packages of care may be used to help you maintain good posture, promote health and improve your performance no matter what it is you do, from high performance athlete to a senior member of the community wanting to enjoy gentle exercise or gardening without pain.

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